Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fire ants AND alligators

...I am one tough cookie. First field trip in the big easy, first time in water without the fear of a giant dog relieving his bowels in the same water I'm enjoying myself. I just made myself say "ew" by the way. In any case, despite planting my wet foot in a fire ant metropolis, visiting one site with the less than cleverly named, "Al" the alligator, and tucking common sense under the rug for one last venture to the water while it's raining, this is so far the ideal phd situation. My advisor swears more than Cambo (well maybe equally) and possibly drinks more than any two of you combined on your worst day. He's also nearly moved to tears by conservation issues (pansy!), which is otherwise endearing.

New favorite game: Drunk college girl or hooker?

New favorite thing: walking around everywhere with a drink in hand and going about whatever "business" I may have concocted for myself.

Close second new favorite thing: Hearing stories about Cez and Erik...Cez, Bell Run? Really? like as a pretty heterosexual girl, I've never had a gentleman's junk on the back of my neck and yet you have? Sweaty much? Yikes.

My room reminds me of a bed and breakfast/cave hybrid.

And there's me. in a buttshell. without a full cup of coffee.

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