Monday, July 12, 2010

About Saturday night/Sunday morning

me: so on Saturday night, technically sunday morning, whatever, it was 3 am, I bought a gram of blow from a large black prositute named louise
Robert: i'm sorry what
me: she actually went and picked it up for me and fronted me the money and then i paid her back when she returned to the bar I was at
I hugged her
Robert: you shouldn't buy anything from a prostitute. anything.
11:57 AM how did we meet lousie?
me: she was even looking out for my safety since she went to go get it herself because "white girls weren't allowed"
Robert: hahahahah
me: her niece, who was also a prostitute, gave a bj in an alley to this honduran dude that I was chatting up in the espanol. We were discussing the oil spill.
11:58 AM I kid you not, this place is going to destroy me

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