Wednesday, November 2, 2011


8:20pm (pacific time)

Thus far I am disappointed in said spiritual guru. He has had no time to talk to me and thusly, no TIME TO EVEN TRY TO CONVERT ME! Where’s my punch? Where’s my schpiel? Oh a handshake and a hello?! Oh gee, I’ve never experienced that before… nards. Moreover this place is really quiet (to keep his energy focused, duh). This has allowed ample time for reading books of my own choosing and expressing my utter disappointment in this cult situation. How will I ever make it to Dateline, pre or post mortem (either is irrelevant). There is talk of moving this lil’ southern belle to a shwanky pad in Tribeca. I think I can deal with that. There’s also a handbook on how to deal with him (like, don’t complete his sentences, use the GPS whenever you’re driving, be really quiet when he’s on the phone blessing people or conducting business). Color me disappointed thus far. I’m sure you all are as well. By the by, the chef lady is like Mary Poppins (I’ve never seen that movie, but from what I’ve heard about MP, sounds about right). There are fig newtons, cookies, fruit bowls, stocked kitchen and another chef cooking Belizean food. Hey! Bad Romance finally got out of my head… so uh, I got that going for me.

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